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Aussie Athletes' Favourite Underwear

We’ve been supplying a few of our Aussie middle distance runners with Rundies to see what they thought. We couldn’t be happier with the responses:Tell me, are Rundies the most comfortable undies you’ve ever worn?...“Yeah, Definitely”Alex Rowe, Australian 800m record holder“Honestly..... Yes”Peter Bol, Australian Olympic 800m runnerWhy are Rundies so comfortable?The Bamboo lining is soft, moisture wicking and odour resistant. [...]

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The Bamboo Story

The wonderful characteristics of bamboo fibre left us scratching our heads and wondering why this natural material isn't seen and talked about more!What we instantly fell in love with instantly was the exceptionally soft, light and silky texture of bamboo fabric. Given its breathable and hydroscopic (ability to absorb more water than other conventional fibres such as cotton and [...]

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The Motivation behind Rundies

Written by Rundies co-founder: Jessica Trengove (Olympic Marathon Runner) The Rundies seed was planted in early 2015. My preparation for the Melbourne Marathon was underway and I was contemplating what to do about my much-loved running underwear that were holding on by a thread after a very impressive innings. These trusty favourites had been purchased three years earlier on a trip [...]

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