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Dylan Stenson (Australian 800m Runner / Engineer) ~ Jessica Trengove (Olympic Marathon Runner / Physio) ~ Jack Trengove (AFL Footballer / Studying Finance)

What we share in common... proud Australians, a love for all things sport and a desire to capture the needs of active people in a pair of undies. We hope you love Rundies as much as we do!


The Motivation Behind Rundies

Posted by on 11th Dec 2015


Written by Rundies co-founder: Jessica Trengove (Olympic Marathon Runner) 

The Rundies seed was planted in early 2015. My preparation for the Melbourne Marathon was underway and I was contemplating what to do about my much-loved running underwear that were holding on by a thread after a very impressive innings. These trusty favourites had been purchased three years earlier on a trip to California for the iconic Stanford Invitational Track Meet. What I loved about these underwear were first and foremost their softness and comfort. They were incredibly durable and barely showed a panty-line. Having searched without success for something that catered for a runner's needs as well as these had, the idea of designing a range became the obvious solution.

Dylan Stenson (previous soccer enthusiast who now burns it up on the running track), Jack Trengove (AFL player & general sports nut) and I started immediately throwing ideas around. We recognised an opportunity in the market for quality and easy-to-access underwear that are specifically designed for sportspeople.

The result - Rundies. We hope you love these sporting underwear as much as we do!

Thank you to everyone who has made this dream of ours possible - in particular Anna from O2 wear for her sound advice, Running Mums Australia for their input and finally our own families, friends and training squads (Team Tempo and Team Daly). We are very grateful for all of your support!!!


The Bamboo Story

Posted by on 20th Dec 2015


The wonderful characteristics of bamboo fibre left us scratching our heads and wondering why this natural material isn't seen and talked about more!

What we instantly fell in love with instantly was the exceptionally soft, light and silky texture of bamboo fabric. Given its breathable and hydroscopic (ability to absorb more water than other conventional fibres such as cotton and polyester) properties, it was hard not to imagine how great this material could be in the lining of sporting underwear.

The three of us spent much of our upbringings in the country and have a great respect for the environment. Bamboo is very sustainable to grow as it does not require the use of pesticides and grows very quickly in favourable conditions - a big plus. This inherent anti-microbial properties of this fibre mean that bamboo fabric does not require the use of chemical anti-bacterial agents. This feature of the fabric also helps to reduce odour.

The bamboo fibre has a strong durability, stability and tenacity. It stands abrasion and possesses the qualities that make it perfect to spin. The yarn and cloth made by bamboo fibre are labelled first-class quality in all aspects of quality standards. Unlike a tree, which can take decades to grow to maturity, bamboo is ready to harvest within 4 to 5 years.

This natural fibre has the strength of steel, making it a favourite of the panda bears and more-recently the three of us! Consequently we have placed bamboo material in the gusset/lining of your Rundies for you to enjoy : )

Some other fast facts:

Anti-bacterial: 3 times more effective than Cotton Products (claimed)
Anti-static: 12 times more effective than Cotton Products
Hygroscopic: 60% improvement in Comparison with Cotton Products
Deodorization: 30 % improvement in Comparison with Cotton Products